"Now, I believe I can do it too."

In a world where children, especially those of color, are constantly reminded of their limitations, this book introduces many doctors who defied and overcame those limitations. “I Am a Doctor with Grace & Style” is a book containing beautiful photography along with impactful stories. It was designed to help conquer the fear of hearing the word “no” and allow dreams to become a reality. Our children need to know that it is not impossible to reach their goals. 

I Am a Doctor with Grace & Style” will take you into the realm of these doctors’ real lives— facing obstacles and rising above the opposition. But in the end, it’s about faith, passion, drive, and power. This read will uplift you to break negative barriers and know that you are more than enough. 

Actual Doctors

About the Author

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois, Orlett Pearson McCall’s parents raised seven children. Growing up, she always dreamt of success or at least living a life she thought was successful. So when someone would try to shatter her dreams, she did not let them sway her based on her mother’s words, “You can be whatever you want.” Her words were ingrained in her mind. As a result, she set goals allowing her to hone her leadership skills, and those qualities assisted her in endless professional opportunities.

As a woman, people have told me that I took a job that should belong to a man, and with that, I still laugh. No matter your background, I believe many of us must work harder than men to prove ourselves.

Dr. Noreen Mayberry, Ph.D. Environmental, Space, Food and Nutrition Toxicologist

As a black doctor, you face challenges, and as a woman, it is hard to be taken seriously as a doctor. It seems difficult for people to call me a doctor.

Dr. Evelyn Burrell, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist